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In this section you'll find news items relevant to the Tankerhoosen Watershed as well as links to our newsletters and our blog. In addition links are provided to the web pages of other organizations covering the Tankerhoosen Valley.

News Items

These are stories that relate to the Tankerhoosen Valley. Many are based on or include links to Journal Inquirer or other published articles. There are also links to sections of this website with more information.

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Periodic Events

Events that take place in the area annually or semiannually. First listed is the annual Memorial Day Parade in Talcottville.

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Tankerhoosen Newsletters

As they are published links to each of our newsletters are listed here.

» 2014, Issue 2 Newsletter - April
» 2014, Issue 1 Newsletter - March
» 2013, Issue 2 Newsletter - April
» 2013, Issue 1 Newsletter - January
» 2012, Issue 4 Newsletter - December
» 2012, Issue 3 Newsletter - July
» 2012, Issue 2 Newsletter - April
» 2012, Issue 1 Newsletter - March
» 2011, Issue 5 Newsletter - August
» 2011, Issue 4 Newsletter - July
» 2011, Issue 3 Newsletter - April
» 2011, Issue 2 Newsletter - March
» 2011, Issue 1 Newsletter - January

Photo Albums

This is the location of all the photo albums that are linked from various pages. View them as slideshows. You can also adjust the time each slide is shown so you have time to read the captions.

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Tankerhoosen Blog

Commentary, observations, opinions and stray thoughts on just about anything related to the Tankerhoosen Valley. Your comments are invited.

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Other Sources

These are links to other sources for information on the Tankerhoosen Valley. They include links to newsletters of other groups and organizations.

Vernon Patch: Website and daily email newsletter covering Vernon events. Go to Vernon Patch.

Smart Growth For Vernon: Articles, primarily on development issues, relating to activity in Vernon dating back to 2005. Go to Vernon News.

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