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Elmwood Cemetery Memorials

Vernon's Elmwood Cemetery is the final resting place of many of the notable people of early Vernon - politicians, industrialists, writers, farmers and educators.

To introduce a few of those who contributed to building Vernon an email on one of the notable people buried in Elmwood Cemetery is being sent each month.

Why Elmwood Cemetery?

Kellogg family monument.

Elmwood was chosen because it is relatively small, but includes many of the important Vernon people of the Nineteenth Century. Also The Tankerhoosen's research focus has been on the Tankerhoosen Valley rather than Rockville, and most of the people in Elmwood had a strong connection to this part of town.

Elmwood was our third cemetery established about 1835, just after the meeting house and school moved from Meetinghouse Hill to Vernon Center. Earlier cemeteries were the Old Burial Ground of North Bolton on Bamforth Road established in 1751, and the Southwest or Old Dobsonville Cemetery on Talcottville Road established in the 1790's.

Why learn about those who came before us?

Visiting our cemeteries and the graves of people is a way of connecting with them. They become more than a name in a book or in a photograph and you feel a connection with them. Genealogy connects us in the same way to our family that local history connects us to our town.

The people and families buried here lived and died centuries ago, but had the same hopes, fears and dreams that we have today. Elmwood contains many graves with similar family names. These families were important to the community in their day, but since then they have been forgotten. Who were they, how did they live and what did their world look like? Knowing about them connects us to the land and the town we live in. Even for those of us who weren't born in Vernon it enriches our lives to feel connected to the place we live.

Locations and objects in town, sometimes things as mundane as names of streets, reflect the long heritage of past generations. Learning the stories of a region's past change the way we think about the present.

How to learn more about those remembered.

A good way to explore this and other cemeteries is the Find A Grave (FAG) website. It includes photos of most gravestones and memorials, often with biographies. Many of the memorials also have GPS coordinates to easily locate graves. Downloading the FAG cell phone app will lead you to the grave on site. In each of our monthly Memorials will be a link to the subject's FAG Memorial.

Most of our Memorials below have links to more extensive biographies.

2023 Elmwood Cemetery Memorials.

Below is our 2023 listing of some of Elmwoods's most notable residents. To read a brief bio, click on the person?s name.

Introduction to the Elmwood Cemetery Memorials

• Allyn Stanley Kellogg - Historian

• Peter Dobson - Engineer

• Frederick Walker - Farmer/Builder

• Phineas Talcott, Jr - Teacher/Industrialist

• Kenneth Webster - Farmer/Soldier/Conservationist

The Elmwood Cemetery Memorials is a project of The Tankerhoosen where you'll find a variety of information on the Tankerhoosen River Valley. The purpose of the website is to be a resource for information about the area for both those living here and those who enjoy hiking and exploring the area. You'll find information on Tankerhoosen Valley history, the river itself and the special places along it. We hope to encourage further exploration and to enhance your experience through an appreciation of all it offers.

Updated July 2023

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