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The Office

Here's a building you couldn't pass without noticing!
Wow, what a unique design!

The Office

This spectacular old building was built in the same time frame with the Talcott houses and the old church. It survived to the modern era, the 1970's, when it was regrettably torn down. The plaque now on the corner was placed there by Vernon Town Council to recognize the historical significance of Talcottville.

Office Men
Detail from the Office picture.

Known as 'The Office' or 'The Library,' it stood on the corner of Main Street and Elm Hill Road where the church parking lot is now, facing the mill. The original office was housed in the old church, which had the office as its first floor, but we believe that after it burned in 1906, the office function was moved into "The Office".

The Office also served as Talcottville's fire department, run by volunteers from the community. Stories abound about the fire engine, the most modern in the area, that was kept there, and the role it played.

The Office

Homeowners in the 1950's remember paying their water bills and such to the Talcotts in this imposing building. If you have a more recent picture of this building, we would like to see it.

The magnificent four faced tower clock was saved, and it is still in Talcottville. Shortly after the Office was dismantled around 1970, the local people and the contractor were intent that the clock be preserved. It was cosmetically repaired, and moved to the cupola in a restaurant across the street. In the modern era this has become The Colony Restaurant & Conference Center. The cupola seen below is atop the grand ballroom of that facility.

The solid brass works clock was manufactured by E. Howard & Co. from Boston, Massachusetts. Records brought to our attention show that that firm shipped a tower clock to Talcottville sometime between 1879 and 1885. We are investigating to see how much of the internal movement was preserved with the clock. We know that it is still in working condition, and is a wonderful historical artifact from early Talcottville.

Take a look at the clock the next time you get a chance.

Office Clock Then Office Clock Now
1890? the Office/Library/T.F.D.
2002 - The Colony Restaurant
& Conference Center.

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