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Valley Falls Farm Heritage Center

This page has links to articles on The Tankerhoosen website that support the Friends of Valley Falls Heritage Center. We have researched some of the interesting people who have owned the farm and the Valley Falls area. Some of the articles are incomplete and noted as 'Under Construction.' Related items are also posted.

Valley Falls Timeline

Burke's "History of Valley Falls"

Valley Falls Property Owners

The Johns Family - First Settlers in North Bolton (1716-1742)

Dr. Norman Morison, Prominent Medical Doctor & Slaveowner (1742-1761)

The Walker Family (1761-1836)

Anson Lyman & Valley Falls Farm (1836-1865)

Sharp's Trout Hatchery (1870-1874)

The Dr. Stewart & Amelia Gwynn (1875-1897)

Alfred Hardy - Indian Agent (1903-1907)

Count Munchow (1910-1913)

  Henrietta Cassin Munchow

The Beach Estate (1915-1965)

The Darico Family

Valley Falls Farm

Valley Falls Farm Overview

Valley Falls Farm Buildings & Grounds

The Red Barn

The Farm House

Other Farm Features


Munchow's 'The Alabama' Cottage

Valley Falls Park's Other Falls"

Southeast District Valley Falls School (17??-1911)

Valley Falls Murders

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