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Moved! #2

The first white house on the left , number 14, as you go up Welles Road, was elsewhere in Talcottville before 1946.

It used to be up on "the prairie" as some called it then. It stood in the area beyond Main Street to the north, either where Interstate 84 is now, or over toward the Tri-Cities Plaza. What a job it was to move it in 1946. Look at this photo of moving day.

The Office

Here is the house as it is now, 14 Welles Road:

The Office

About the same time, barns also were on the move. One resident actually remembers the "Horse Barn" being moved from behind 72 Main Street, near the old office. It was rolled all the way down behind main street to its location on Welles Road behind the Post Office. It was then turned into "Welles Dairy"

The Office

You can see the original main "Horse Barn" in the 1895 sketch seen on our History page. Here is a clip from that:

The Office

There was also a "Dairy Barn" in the approximate spot that the day care building is now . . .over on Rt 83. It was moved as well, and we have a coulple of versions of its fate. If you can add facts or stories to this, let us know.

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