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Moved! #1

One of the interesting stories about Talcottville residences involves the house that now stands at 44 Elm Hill Road.

Below is an annotated photo taken of the two Talcott houses, showing the Rectory for the church in original position, marked Reverend Bachelor.

So the story goes, The old church was built in 1866, a year after the two houses. The rectory followed, but some time after this C.D. decided he didn't want the minister so close and had the entire house moved. Actually, quite understandable.

The Office

Here is the house from the above picture:

The Office

This snapshot shows the house shortly after it was moved to Elm Hill Road, probably around 1880 (?). We are hoping to get some better dates for this house's construction and moving.

The Office

For comparison, take a look at the house in 2002:

The Office

An important house in the history of Talcottville.

There were other notable moves in the village history, to be described later.

One was 120 Main Street, that used to be the schoolhouse, moved around 1860 from the other side of the street.

Another was the huge barn now on Welles Road, up from the Post office. It was once behind 72 Main Street, and was moved on rollers.

The first white house beside that on Welles Road used to be up on "the prarie" the area on Main Street, way up beyond the bridge, most likely where the interstate is now.

Another move; there was a wonderful four faced clock, with wooden movement that was in in the old office which stood where the church parking lot is now. It now can be seen in the tower of the motel behind golfland, above George's Restaurant. (see the Office page)

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