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Memorials & Historical Markers

Scattered throughout the Tankerhoosen Valley are many memorials and plaques commemorating events, people or historical objects. We pass them everyday but from our cars rarely notice them or stop to learn why they have been placed there. We hope this section will encourage you to take a second look, increase your understanding of what came before us and give honor to those memorialized and thanks to those who felt strongly enough about the past to create the memorials. Not included here are the many informational signs at the Belding Wildlife Management Area, Vernon Depot and in Talcottville.

Click on photos to read inscriptions.

First Meeting House - Sunnyview Drive


Vernon's first church was located on a high piece of land a half mile east of Vernon Center overlooking the valley. At that time this area was known as North Bolton as it would be until 1808.

The plaque marking the spot says, "June 20th 1762. On this site was erected the first meeting house known as Second Church of Bolton, now the First Congregational Church of Vernon."

Phoenix Mill - Phoenix Street


The Phoenix Mills were located on Phoenix Street and utilized water from the Tankerhoosen Dam. At the foot of the dam the town established a small park which includes this historical marker describing the history of the mills. The site held an early mill, followed by a sawmill in 1808 and a larger cotton mill in 1836.

The park was established with the assistance of the Talcott Family, the Hockanum River Linear Park Committee and the Town of Vernon.

Talcottville Historic District - Main Street Talcottville


The mill village of Talcottville is a registered National Historic District, a well preserved historical example of an industrial village typical of 19th century America. The historic district consists of 33 buildings and two structures on 920 acres. It was registered in 1989 and in 2010 historical signs were added, funded by state and federal grants, as were street lights.

The plaque was placed by the Talcottville Historical Association.

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Tunnel Bridge - Tunnel Road


As you approach the south side of the Tunnel Road tunnel there is a plaque commemorating the historical tunnel. The stone arch bridge is 110 feet in length and was built in 1849. It is a rare engineering structure from Connecticut's first generation of railroad construction.

The plaque was placed in 2011 by the Vernon Parks & Recreation Department. The area was prepared and is maintained by the Vernon Greenways Volunteers.

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Vernon's Milestone - Vernon Center


In front of the new Vernon Community Arts Center is a granite stone enclosing one of the last milestones from Colonial days. The milestone dates back to 1801 when the McLean Tavern stood here to greet passengers on the frequent stages travelling to Boston or New York.

The marker was placed by the Sabra Trumbull Chapter D.A.R. on Flag Day, June 14, 1984.

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