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Tankerhoosen Valley Murders

The Tankerhoosen Valley along Bolton Road has seen more than its share of murder. Perhaps its the rural nature of the area or the character of the people that it attracts. In the last century 4 (or 5) murders have taken place here.

1908 - The Zett Murders

Of the 126 people executed for crimes in Connecticut only one was from Vernon and his crime took place on the Dockeral Farm in the Tankerhoosen Valley. On the morning of August 4, 1908, farmer John Zett killed his wife with a sledge hammer, 4 year old granddaughter with a knife and attempted to kill his adult son who successfully defended himself. The murders, September trial and December execution were the talk of the region.

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1950 - The Arthur Guzman Murder

On July 6, 1950 Arthur Guzman of Bolton Road was murdered by his mother Mary Guzman by mistake. She intended to kill his wife.

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1958 - The Evelyn Seddon Murder

On March 11, 1958 33-year old Evelyn Seddon left friends on Bolton Road and headed for Manchester down Valley Falls Road. Two days later her body was found in her car along the road having been shot twice. Thus began the investigation into a secret love affair resulting in the capture and trial of her killer, Durando Ferrari.

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1967 - The Hope Rothwell Murder

On September 18, 1967 17-year old Hope Rothwell drove home from her 4H meeting on Reservoir Road. She never got home. The police found her car, but it was not until September 22 that her body was found. Andrew Darico, Jr was a key witness. The murderer was a trusted 4H leader Roy Darwin, Jr.

Updated August 2021

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