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An overview of the history of the Tankershoosen Valley. We'll explore here all the things that shaped the Valley.

Early Settlement

Native Americans, early settlers and our split from Bolton.

The T Ditch & Defining Early Vernon

The southwest corner of Vernon with Manchester is referred to in early documents as the 'T Ditch'. What was it and why was it significant?

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Early mills and a fish farm.


Talcottville and Dobsonville. Also a few historic homes that remain.

There are also two historic cemeteries in the area and probably some family sites.


The train arrives, the tunnel is built and Dobsonville springs up.

The effects of I-84

The Interstate Highway system and its later expansion split the Waterway from the rest of Vernon, changed the drainage and squeezed the Talcottville Gorge.

Farming, Farmers and Development

The southern part of town turned to farming as the mills closed. As Hartford grew and the Interstate was nearby it was natural that southern Vernon would become a bedroom community. As the farmers aged and their children lost interest they either became developers or sold to them.

Norman Strong recently passed. He was the model of a lifetime farmer and dedicated citizen contributing in so many ways to the town and area.

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