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Native Americans lived in the area long before the white man arrived. When we did start to settle here we found the Tankerhoosen a good source of power for mills. The mills attracted the railroad and the villages of Talcottville and Dobsonville once thrived in the area. Early industry was paralleled by farming until after World War II when subdivisions began to redefine the watershed. The decision to put what is now I-84 through the area also had an effect on us. Knowing the history of the area adds interest, depth and understanding to your relationship with the Valley.

For a brief history of Vernon go to Focus On History on the town website.


A timeline to keep events in relationship.

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An overview of the history of the Tankerhoosen Valley. We'll explore in this section all the things that shaped the Valley.

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A description of the ideas and events that took place and shaped the Tankerhoosen Valley. Included is Talcottville as a Company Town, the Blizzard of 1888, Thomas Hooker & the Old Connecticut Path and the Vernon Highway Bypass.

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Some of the significant historical places in the Valley including houses, villages and cemeteries.

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Cotton mills in Vernon began on the Tankerhoosen River, but there were also a number of grist, oil, saw and cider mills in the valley; many that disappeared from memory.

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The people who lived and worked here, who built the mills and factories, the roads and railroad, and who farmed the fields left their names on roads, villages and ponds. Yet for the most part we don't know who they were, where they came from and all that they did. This section will introduce you to some of them either through their biographies or through interviews or their writings.

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Settled as an agricultural community in the eighteenth century Vernon has always been connected to the land. This section is about our heritage and our challenges.

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Memorials & Historic Markers

Scattered througout the Tankerhoosen Valley are many memorials and plaques commemorating events, people or historical objects. We pass them everyday, but from our cars rarely notice them or stop to learn why they have been placed there. We hope this section will encourage you to take a second look, increase your understanding of what came before us and give honor to those memorialized and thanks to those who felt strongly enough about the past to create the memorials.

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