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Vernon Communication Survey

How do you learn about activities taking place in Vernon?

How would you prefer to learn about activities taking place in Vernon?

There are many events throughout the year that you and your family enjoy sponsored by both the town and local organizations. And there is town information we all should receive.

The 13 nonprofit organizations of the Vernon Volunteers' Collaborative offer walks, concerts, history programs, farm events, art shows and more. We try to reach you through a variety of print and social media avenues - but could we be more effective?

Vernon is reviewing and redesigning our communication approaches and want to be sure everyone is reached. We fall into many categories - young and old, home owners and renters, city and country. Some of you prefer social media, others want to receive information in print.

Over the past year representatives of Vernon organizations have been working with the town to critique and improve our communications with you. This will certainly include a new up-to-date website, but how else can you be reached?

Here is a quick and easy way to tell us how you currently receive information and how you would like to receive it in the future.

With a grant from the Hartford Foundation For Public Giving an online survey has been created to tell us your preferences. Please take a few minutes to fill it out before Wednesday, February 6 so you will be able to receive information your way. Any questions, please contact Allison Maynard with the Town of Vernon at: AMaynard@vernon-ct.gov.

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Thanks for participating.

Jon Roe   

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